Gold iPhone 5S? Whatever Apple, Samsung’s Been Making Gold Devices For Years

Samsung, the undisputed kings of bling have been making gold-colored phones for years, and they want to make sure you know it. There was some chatter on the internets today bashing Samsung for copying Apple with its gold colored Galaxy S4, claiming that Samsung was merely copying Apple. Obviously, someone at Samsung took these claims to heart, and decided to give Samsung naysayers a big ol’ WHATEVER!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold Edition (pictured above) went on sale in the UAE a few weeks ago, just before Apple’s big iPhone 5C/5S launch. This is just the latest in Samsung’s line of gold colored devices, which go all the way back to the old flip phone days. Here’s a look at the history of some of Samsung’s Gold devices.

1. Samsung GALAXY Golden (2013)

2. Samsung SHW-A330S “Wise 2“ (2012)

3. Samsung SHC-Z00S “Wise Classic“ (2011)

4. Giorgio Armani (2009)

5. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Phone- E848 (2008)

6. Samsung U600 “Ultra Series” (2007)

7. Gold Samsung Phone in  Ocean’s 13 (2007)

8. Anycall SCH-E470, SPH-E3200, SPH-E3250- 2004 Athens Olympic Phone (2004)


  • Apple fans don’t care…they’ll always claim that Apple did it first…and even if they admit that there were gold phones before they’ll just say Apple did it better and made it more popular.

    • solomonshv

      i didn’t see anyone was saying that Apple “invented” the gold color phone. gold colored phones have been around for a long, long time. even before Samsung started making them. That being said, why is that the GS4 has been on the market for 5 months now, but out of nowhere decided to add a gold color to the line up after seeing Apple’s success with the gold color.

      i think the real issue here is that someone at Samsung is truly stupid enough to think they can steal some of Apple’s thunder by making gold plastic instead of blue or white plastic. And this is the sort of stupidity that’s preventing Samsung from selling more phones.

      • vikings football

        the s4 gold edition was announced even before apples gold iphone was announced…and really, is the gold iphone really a success when theres no real numbers behind the gold iphone…and remember, the 9mil sold was inflated vs the more realistic 3 to 4 mil for combined sales

    • JR

      Apple didn’t do it first, but they did do it better and certainly made it more popular. While the “better” part may be in the eyes of the beholder, the popular part is not up for debate. The money has spoken.

  • Rili Toma

    You are kidding me right? I’m not an ifanboy but it wouldn’t take a hit if Apple did it first.
    It’s like saying Apple did not revolutionize the touchscreen phone because Nokia had did it long before.

  • Squozza

    Who cares what samsung done for years. It ain’t an iphone

  • JohnHarrison

    Lets Call Samsung S4 ……..COMEDY GOLD!!

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Everyone digs gold in a recession. 🙂

  • MOE

    those phones aren’t even known … who cares Apple does it BEST!

    • vikings football

      theres alot of great smartphones phones out there that arent known in the states…dont fool yourself bro…just because you dont see it in the u.s markets doesnt mean its not well known in other countries.

  • Apple rules

    Gaaaay Samsung sucks. Copying Apple no doubt

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