This Kiosk Uses Dead Batteries to Charge Smartphones

Maybe those dead batteries aren’t so dead. Most discarded batteries have an average of 400 milliamps of power left in them, which means that we’re throwing out a lot of already purchased energy. Vitamilk, Thailand’s leading soymilk brand has created an interesting way to power smartphones by using what would be considered to us just another thing to throw away.

Vitamilk has created a kiosk which houses the carcasses of 1,500 dead batteries to charge mobile devices. Over 140 smartphones were powered by the kiosks, proving that there’s more than one way to charge a smartphone.

The kiosks are a cool idea, and would be interesting to implement in places where battery recycling already takes place, such as Best Buy.

Check out the video below to see the dead battery harvester in action.

[Via: Campaignbrief]

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