Petcube Lets You Play With Your Pet From Your iOS Device

A new Kickstarter project that has just reached its goal is going to change the way you interact with your pets while on the go. The Petcube is a little black box that you leave at home with your pet to keep him or her from scratching up the sofa while you’re away.

Packed into the Petcube is a video camera, a speaker, microphone and a controllable laser pointer which are all at your disposal. The Petcube connects via Wi-Fi, and is controllable through an iOS app. With the app, you can not only gaze upon your cute pet but talk to your pet, as well as fire up the laser pointer to keep your pet entertained. We all know how much cats love laser pointers!

The Petcube has reached its $100,000 backing goal, and is promising more features for the device upon reaching higher levels of funding. If the Petcube reaches $150,000, push notifications triggered by your pets yelps and meows will be available. At $200,000, the Petcube will record a laser dot routine which can be triggered at any time. If the Petcube receives $250,000 in funding, the device will alert you via motion detection when your pet is nearby.

So head over to Petcube’s Kickstarter page and pledge away! Your beloved pet will love you for it.


[Via: Petcube]

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