Rdio follows its competitors by offering free streaming radio

Rdio, the wildly popular music streaming app, has decided to follow the rest of its competitors by offering its own free version of its Internet radio service. Users get to get access to the new radio feature on both the company’s website and mobile application.

Rdio’s radio service is up and running thanks to a partnership sparked up with Cumulus media. When testing out the service customers will notice how it plays randomly selected songs based on genre, artist, song or album.

This is nothing new to those of us who’ve been paying customers (including myself) as it was only available by way of a monthly subscription. Now Rdio will allow folks to get access to this feature without having to pay, or be teased by a 14-day trial period.

Another feature added is called “You FM,” as it’s sole mission is to play songs tailored to your likes and dislikes.

Here’s the full changelog for version 2.5.0:

  • Free Stations. Now, stations are always free on mobile. No subscription is needed to play an endless variety of stations — including You FM, a personalized mix of your favorites and related tracks.
  • Station Sharing. Found a station your friends would love? Share it on Facebook, Twitter, or with any friend on Rdio directly from the app.
  • New Stations. Start stations based on any album or playlist, in addition to ten other station types.
  • Various UI improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • *Free stations available in US, Canada, and Australia.

This feature will be a hit because it’ll bring more users into Rdio’s ecosystem, and with extra people listening it’ll give music artists more revenue.

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