Motorola Xplay phablet with a 6.3-inch screen in works?

Motorola Xplay phablet with a 6.3-inch screen in works?

Motorola is apparently looking to expand to the phablet market with a device of its own. The rumored Moto Xplay will apparently come with a 6.3-inch full HD screen, competing with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note III, Sony Xperia Z Ultra and LG Optimus G Pro.

According to a G4Games report, the Xplay will hit the market sometime next year, with Motorola likely using CES or MWC to announce its new product.

Personally I’m not too excited about phablets but I know there is a sub-set of users who dig such big phones. And since we think Motorola has what it takes to stay relevant in the mobile game, these guys and gals may get another solid option to choose from. Hopefully, Motorola will also include 3GB of RAM in its first phablet to make it as powerful as Galaxy Note 3. We’ll see…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Yeah why shouldn’t Motorola join the phablet craze?

  • I’m dying to get my hands on bigger than my Nexus 4 because I write a lot on the go, but 6.3″ might be too big one handed. I just played with a Note 3 at Best Buy and it’s a perfect size and I can reach the whole screen one handed. The biggest issue for me is price. I just can’t justify paying $700 for something that costs $300 or so to build. I mean I just bought my wife a Nexus 4 for $199.

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