Lenovo mulling alliance with HTC

Lenovo mulling alliance with HTC

Lenovo may be looking into acquiring or forming some sort of alliance with HTC, Taiwan’s Apple Daily is reporting. This, of course, is still in the rumors phase, but you never know what the future holds.

For one thing, we think that the two companies has a lot to gain from each other. On one hand, HTC was a pioneer in the smartphone industry and has emerged as a premium brand in this space. On the other hand, Lenovo sits on a huge cash pile, growing like crazy from the demand in its own backyard, as well as cost-sensitive territories such as Russia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. It could provide HTC with its vast supply chain network and help it get back to the game, big time.

The problem, however, is that Lenovo may not be interested in any such deal, preferring to grow organically instead. The Chinese company has been recently linked with other acquisitions, including the handset business of NEC and BlackBerry, neither of which has come to fruition.

Given the choice, chairwoman of HTC Cher Wang would also like her company to stay independent. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, she said: “I believe that if you are passionate with your company, if you are passionate with this technology, you really believe your vision is to bring the best products to this world. [If] you believe this ubiquitous intelligent technology is still at its infancy stage, why do you want to consolidate?”

Still, we can’t but say something’s cooking in the Far East. The market seems ready for a major consolidation…

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