Leak: The LG G Flex, Because Apparently Curved Phones Are A Thing Now

First the Samsung Galaxy Round and now a curved LG smartphone? Sure, that makes sense…

According to a few renders from Engadget, LG seems to be working on a curved smartphone with a 6 inch screen, curved slightly from top to bottom, unlike the Galaxy Round which is curved from the left to right. Known as the G Flex, the curvy device is rumored to go on sale next month. The specs of the G Flex and pricing have not been detailed, we’ll keep you updated as more details leak.

What do you think of the apparent curved smartphone fad? Are you interested in the LG G Flex or the Galaxy Round? Let us know in the comments.

[Via: Engadget]

  • Correction, curved phones are stupid lol. Seriously, this is knew of the dumbest ideas along side the watch thing, very silly. But some people will pump them up like it’s the best thing happening, don’t buy into it folks. There is no reason to have a watch for $300, that needs to function with something else. Like a curved display lol.

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