Top Android Horror Games To Play For Halloween

As far as I’m concerned, Halloween started two months ago. While it may just be one day in October, there’s just nothing like getting into the Halloween spirit. That said, there’s a good chance that you’re not throwing Salami on cars hoods on Devil’s Night or going trick or treating anymore. To ease the pain of this harsh reality, we’ve put together some of the best (and some random) horror games for Android. Take a look!

We know there are a lot of games in this genre for Android, so be sure to sound off in the comments below if we don’t mention your favorite!

In no particular order:

Into The Dead



Into The Dead launched back in April for Android and is definitely worth a look. Like a good chunk of horror games available for the OS, Into The Dead features hordes of the undead that you must kill and evade. The gameplay, however, is a bit different from something like Dead Trigger. The title has you running constantly, weaving in between zombies and dispatching them when you can. Easy to pick up and hard to put down, Into The Dead will give you some great first-person chills.

Download Into The Dead From The Google Play Store Here!

Dark Meadow: The Pact

This title is an oldie but goodie. The survival horror title puts you in the middle of a dark and rundown hospital, where you must fight off demons and unfold the mystery to destroy the witch that put your here.

The story alone, which is often rather funny, is interesting enough to give this a try, but the gameplay and graphics (optimized for Tegra 3) are definitely a perk. Come for the story, stay for the action.

Download Dark Meadow: The Pact from the Google Play Store here!

Slender Man Chapter 1 Free

Oh, Slender Man. The over the top and ridiculous urban myth that appeared in 2009 has taken on a life of its own. Search “Slender” in the Google Play Store and you’ll be greeted by a TON of Slender Man related titles. This title is nothing special, but does feature better graphics than a majority of the rest. The game has you running around in the middle of the woods, searching to find children’s drawings and avoiding the monster … If he finds you at all. This is the lite version of the game that offers up the first chapter, but there is a paid version available as well.

If you really have some time on your hands, might we suggest you check out Marble Hornets’ long-running Slender Man webseries on YouTube here.

Download Slender-Man Chapter 1 from the Google Play Store here!

The Abandoned School

The Abandoned School is a click-through game that offers up creepy imagery. It’s not the most intuitive game, as you’ll find yourself clicking everything on the screen. The scenes can be very dark, in which you may have to wait for lightning to illuminate what you need to click. Still, this to-the-point title is worth a mention, even if it’s just to try out.

Download The Abandoned School from the Google Play Store here!

Eyes: The Horror Game

This is a title that will give you the creeps in the best way ever. Eyes: The Horror Game is an indie game that will have you searching through an old abandoned house for valuables. Only, the house isn’t exactly abandoned. There are ghosts throughout the game and you’ll need to run away from them on sight. There are also eyes on the walls and other places that you must collect. You’ll just have to figure out what they do for yourself.

Download Eyes: The Horror Game from the Google Play Store here!

Dead Trigger

If you haven’t played Dead Trigger yet, there might be something wrong with you. Dead Trigger is easily one of the most fun Zombie games around for Android. There are a ton of missions to go through, and you’ll be knocking off zombies like a pro in this post apocalyptic title. There’s even a Halloween portion to play, too! While the game is fun no matter what device you’re using, the NVIDIA Shield owns with Dead Trigger.

Download Dead Trigger from the Google Play Store here!

There are a ton of games for Android that will get you into the Halloween spirit. Some games that aren’t above but are definitely worth a mention are Dead Space, the Mystique series (The Child, Obitus), Murder Room, Stupid Zombies 2, and more!

Of course, we also can’t forget Chunky: Slash and Dash that’s set to launch very soon, too!

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