LG looking to make Chrome OS devices?

An LG Chrome OS device may be coming to a store near you in the immediate future, according to a new report. A device running Google’s Chrome OS could be in the works thanks to filed trademarks for the names “ChromeOne,” “ChromeDesk,” and ChromeStation.” This suggest a couple of things. LG could have trademarked these three names because it hasn’t decided what to call this new device yet, or they might launch three new pieces of hardware running Google’s browser-based platform.

If true, this development wouldn’t be at all surprising. LG is one of the few major manufacturers left who have yet to make a Chrome device, as it will be last to the party behind competitors such as HP, Samsung, Acer and Lenovo.

Seeing how Google and LG play so nicely together with the Nexus line of Android phones, it would seem natural for the two to launch some Chromebooks next. LG is desperate to try to differentiate itself from its dominant neighboring competitor, Samsung. By most accounts, Chrome OS is popular, so bringing a slew of products to the market that run the OS makes perfect business sense.

VIA: TMWatch, Engadget

SOURCE: ChromeOne (Markify)ChromeDesk (Markify)ChromeStation (Markify)


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