Apple says 64 percent of users running iOS 7, 200 million updated, 1 million apps in App Store, and more!

Apple took the stage to announce some impressive iOS 7 numbers today. The company said that 2/3 (64 percent) of its users worldwide are currently running its new mobile operating system, totaling out to 200 million updates. Other noteworthy tidbits include 20 million iTunes Radio listeners, 1 million apps in the App Store, 60 billion downloads; earning developers over $13 billion.

Tim Cook also reiterated the 9 million iPhones sold the first weekend of launch, but he failed to break down specific numbers on iPhone 5S vs. the 5C sold.

Photo: The Verge


  • Nick V

    Only 64%? That is not good. Tim Cook has crowed in the past about higher numbers. This is the slowest adoption rate yet for Apple. Sounds more like people aren’t using their Apple devices any longer if 64% is all they have right now. Actual numbers may be impressive, but when you compare it to the %, it isn’t all that impressive (for Apple)

    • Very true. However, adoption rates is still far ahead of anything in the industry. Apple is so far ahead that it only has itself to fail to or outperform.

      • Nick V

        I do not disagree with that. The adoption rate in the industry is dismal. I am an android user, and know first hand. Now I am a Nexus user, so it is better.

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