Oppo N1 launching globally in November?

Oppo N1

The hot new Oppo N1 will apparently have its global launch at some point in November. This isn’t official information and is rather from the CyanogenMOD team. Their presentation, which you can see from here, indicates that we are no more than a month off from seeing the N1’s hitting the Western hemisphere.

It is, however, still unclear which markets the Chinese company will initially target. If I would have to guess, they’ll start by offering an unlocked unit from its website to users in North America and Europe. But who knows; perhaps they manage to struck a deal with some carrier.

As a reminder, the Oppo N1 will be the first Android device to ship with the option of installing CyanogenMOD ROM with full community and warranty support. Moreover, there will also be a limited CyanogenMOD version of the N1 on sale at some point with the popular custom ROM pre-installed.

Meanwhile, Oppo is running its Pioneers program, inviting folks to try out the N1 for just $99. Only 10 users will get to grab this powerful phablet for that money – if you’re feeling lucky, perhaps you should try it out.

[Via: GizChina]

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