Vine Introduces New Features for iOS and Android Apps

Twitter’s Vine app has been updated today, with both the iOS and Android versions of the app receiving some new features. Vine has added two new features to its video clip sharing app, dubbed Sessions and Time Travel. The new tools allow Vine users to work on multiple posts at a time, and edit the posts before they are shared.

The new Sessions feature allows users to save a post and work on it whenever they please, with the ability to work on ten posts at the same time. This is accomplished by tapping the bottom right corner of the camera, which will save a new session or open up an existing one.

The Time Travel feature allows a user to remove, replace and reorganize a shot within a post. This can be accessed by tapping the green bar from the camera while shooting, or by tapping ‘Edit’ when previewing a post.

Vine revolutionized video sharing with its iOS launch last January, allowing users to shoot and share 6 second clips which can be compiled of many shorter shots and many scenes. Instagram followed suit last summer by introducing video sharing on their platform, which allows for 15 second clips to be shared.

If you don’t already have Vine on your device, head over to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the awesome video sharing app.

[Via: Vine Blog]

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