PlayStation 4 Companion App For iOS and Android Coming on November 15th

With the Sony PlayStation 4 North American launch just around the corner, Sony is readying a PlayStation app for both iOS and Android devices, which will allow the mobile devices to communicate and interact with the PlayStation 4, as well as offering bonus PSN features.

The app will allow mobile devices to be used as second screens for the PS4, and will allow users to see PSN features such as Friend Lists, Trophies as well as sending and receiving messages from PSN friends. The app will also allow users to watch other PS4 users’ games in progress, purchase game content on the PlayStation Store and notify users of a friend’s activity.

The app will also allow users to use their mobile devices to control their PS4 consoles, including switching the PS4 to standby mode as well as other features.

The PS4 app will launch on the Google Play Store and the App Store on the same day as the PlayStation 4, November 15th.

[Via: Pocket Lint]

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