iPad Maxi with 12.9-inch screen launching in March 2014?

iPad Maxi with a 12.9-inch screen launching in March 2014?

The iPad Maxi saga continues. It is said that Apple won’t stop with the iPad Mini and will launch a bigger, Maxi model at some point next year.

The latest rumor we’ve got suggests that Foxconn, the Cupertino-based company’s manufacturing partner, is currently testing the big iPad, which apparently rocks a 12.9-inch screen. The story goes on speculating that Apple will officially unveil the latest member of its tablet family in March of next year.

While I personally dislike such big tablets, I’m sure Apple has the marketing power to convince the critical mass of users that this is the iPad they’ve been waiting for. Heck, I’m sure they’ll manage to make Apple fanboys buy multiple iPads, one to use at home (iPad Air or iPad Maxi) and one for their whereabouts (iPad Mini).

And I’m eager to know – would you be interested in buying a bigger iPad?

[Via: G4Games]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    That’s kinda too big for a tablet. But as you said it, Apple will convince the people this is (another) tablet they want.

    • amr_india

      But this can replace Netbooks i guess.

  • Terriblename

    Really? People are going to buy MaxiPads?

  • Martin Hansen

    I Think it will be called ipad pro or ipad max 🙂 sounds better. and if it dockable with keyboard and touchpad. then it could be the new ibook 🙂 if its going to be somehow affordable.

  • Bob

    i would rather have this over my 9.7inch iPad and i can see it being called the iPad Pro

  • davidlowe

    Fancy Keyboard and this is the office machine they will spearhead the business sector with, it seems common sense, better than a cheap laptop, full screen for multiple apps, what is there to criticise, they are deploying a perfect business plan. I prefer the mini myself

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