Oculus Rift Coming in 2014 for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android!

The Oculus Rift VR helmet has been wow-ing people who’ve been lucky enough to try it. It’s also gained the support of several prominent developers and companies whose games will support the device, as well as investors. In a recent interview, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe announced that the Oculus Rift will go on sale in 2014!

Iribe gave the interview to tech site Engadget. He revealed some juicy details about the Oculus Rift that are sure to entice VR fans. The Rift will finally go on sale next year. The headset will be functional with Windows PCs upon release and will add support for Mac, Linux and Android!

It sounds like the supported Android devices will be on the high end, which is understandable considering the power needed for Virtual Reality. But it should be able to run on today’s higher end mobile GPUs, without needing the crazy power of Nvidia’s upcoming Kepler.

In the interview Iribe said, “I don’t think it’s going to require that full Kepler capability. I think we’ll be able to deliver on an even earlier chipset than that.”

The company has yet to send out a software developer kit (SDK) with Android support for programmers to begin coding mobile apps, but Iribe told Engadget that it would be soon.

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