Samsung’s Tizen-powered smart fridge coming soon

Samsung's Tizen-powered smart fridge coming soon

Samsung has ambitious plans for its nascent Tizen platform. However, instead of starting with smartphones and tablets, the Korean company is taking another route. First it wants to “cover” those devices where Android and iOS don’t dominate… yet. So it unveiled that smart camera while also working with car companies to cram Tizen inside the vehicle’s dashboard. And… is using the platform for the smart fridge!

You got that right – according to Korean DDaily, Samsung will announce a Tizen-powered Smart Refrigerator during the upcoming CES in Las Vegas.

It is said that this fridge will have a built-in PAD with big screen, 256 or 512 MB of RAM, Wi-Fi connectivity support and a few gigs of internal storage. We’re not sure of its capabilities and can only guess it will allow users to do things like:

  • view the contents of the fridge from a remote location (or without actually opening the fridge),
  • access online recipes, and
  • set reminders (if milk is getting stale)

And enable some other capabilities we can’t imagine at this stage.

While we’re not sure we would pay a premium for a “smart fridge,” I’m sure there are folks out there who like the idea so much that they’ll max out their credit card (if needed) to get this thing into their home. How do you like the idea (of a smart fridge)?

[Via: Unwired View]

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    putting a home-grown OS on network home appliances is a gamble that may win in the short term but could backfire once more networked devices become available that supports a common standard and platform

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