First Music Video Shot on Google Glass!

It was only a matter of time, folks. A new music video is set to tear up the internet, and it’s been filmed completely on Google Glass!

Riz Nwosu, entertainer and one of the founders of AppCurious, has released the video for his new cut “Let’s Tango” and he shot it all on Glass. Nwosu is one of the growing group of Google Glass Explorers, and he’s used his Glass to shoot a lot of footage of himself up in the club and on a boat with a scantily clad woman. He wants the ladies to know that he’s down to get with them, whether have an iPhone of if they “use that Android.”

Riz shows his first person perspective as well as using mirrors to film himself. The end result is something that looks on par with a lot of videos you might see on MTV (or VH1, or wherever it is they still show videos). It’s flashy and the short video clip length of Google Glass isn’t a limitation here, it just lends itself to the quick-cutting style that’s so common in music videos.

The video quality might be noticeably low on a big screen. But it looked fine on my laptop, in part because of all the filters Riz used in post. This video proves that Google Glass is passable for broadcast video. I’m sure this is only the first of many. Here’s hoping nobody gives R. Kelly Google Glass!

Watch Riz’s “Let’s Tango” below:

[Via: Riz Nwosu]

  • Raph

    Every time I see someone with Google glass it makes me want to punch them in the face. I hope that cheesy trend dies out like roller skates.

    • Michael Armogan

      You know, they said the same thing about the smartphone. Then the touchscreen. Then the phablet. Oh yeah, they said that about people who listen to music with headphones when Walkmans first came out too…. Sounds a bit like jealousy to me though.

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