Get Outta Here, NSA: Android Security App Air Cover Alerts You When Uncle Sam Is Watching

Worried that Uncle Sam is monitoring your smartphone usage? Good, because more than likely they are. With recent revelations about NSA spying on American citizen’s activities, thanks to leaked information from Edward Snowden, we no longer need to worry just about malware, phishing and viruses. We also must pay attention to the NSA, as the all watching eye of the panopticon gathers as much data on citizens as it can.

An Android app called AirCover Security claims to help you know if the NSA is spying on you. The security app provides features found in most security software, such as anti-virus, anti-theft and real-time protection, now with features designed to identify if you are the target of NSA snooping. The new feature is dubbed Anti-surveillance, which identifies apps that record audio and network communications. Yes, these apps exist, and can run in the background of Android devices all without the user knowing. The apps can turn on a device’s microphone to record audio, as well as track and record all voice calls, text messages and data usage.

The app works on devices with Android 2.2 and above, and is free on the Google Play Store. If you’re concerned about your privacy, this could just be the app for you.

Press release follows below.

BlueSprig Commits to Reporting Surveillance on Smartphones

BlueSprig™, the world’s leading security utility apps provider, today claims AirCover Security, which provides users with an ‘all-in-one’ for Android security solutions, is able to detect and report which apps are spying on smartphones.

San Francisco (PRWEB) November 14, 2013

After launching AirCover Security for a couple of months, which is aiming to protect Android users from viruses, malicious apps, thieves, BlueSprig is pleased to introduce Android users another brand new security feature in app fields. Now, in addition to offering traditional security features of mobile smartphones, AirCover Security will also provide with Anti-Surveillance to protect Android smartphones from eavesdropping or monitoring.

According to Jason Johnson, the CEO of BlueSprig, launched the first version in September, AirCover Security has received favorable responses from more than 200,000 users, among which 84.7% users think they need to make sure no one’s spying on their phones after Edward Snowden provided the Guardian with top-secret NSA documents leading to revelations about US surveillance on phone and Internet communications. “Our survey shows an increasing number of Android users become more and more concern about their personal privacy meanwhile most people wondering where Snowden is. And that’s what Anti-Surveillance exist for and what exactly makes AirCover Security stand out among the sea of competitors,” said Jason, “Our intention is to help Android users enjoy their mobiles in peace of mind.”

Anti-Surveillance enables AirCover Security to identify the suspicious apps that access record audio and network communications meanwhile Android users are having calls and gives them real-time advice to uninstall the apps that may put Android under surveillance. “You’d better enable Anti-Surveillance so that AirCover Security can keep your privacy in personal instantly,” said Jason in confidence, “If the someone’s trying to spy on your phone with a software, AirCover Security will tell you before he makes it.”

About AirCover Security

AirCover Security is an all-in-one Android security & performance optimization app with all-round security features, including Anti-Virus, Anti-Theft, Anti-Surveillance, Web Protection, Privacy Advisor, Performance, Call & SMS Blocker etc.. AirCover Security is now available for free in Google Play. It’s designed for Android 2.2 and above. It’s FREE on Google Play:
For more information, please visit:

About BlueSprig
BlueSprig puts the ‘personal’ back in personal computing. With powerful, lightweight, easy-to-use utility apps, BlueSprig is the fresh alternative to software, at home or on the go – your one-stop shop for security, privacy, performance and efficiency. Led by successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and China, BlueSprig has offices in San Francisco and Chengdu, China. For more information, visit:


  • Scarlet Pumpernickel

    Uh, be sure to view the app permissions before installing. Maybe it’s a necessary function of performing the security checks, but the permissions seem to hand over the keys to the kingdom. Won’t be installing.

  • Igor

    Kind of ironic but after reading the permissions, it seems like the ideal app to spy with, I mean you’re giving them everything.

  • VYoung

    Installed it. Better safe than sorry. Plus, the anti-theft surprises me a lot. It sends me pictures of intruders! Nice job!

  • jazz mania

    Only 19.99 for the full version… seems to me, they be Profiteering on Paranoia

  • Hank Bank

    (1) Does ANYONE besides BlueSprig consider them to be “The worlds leading security utility Apps provider” — Except nobody ever HEARD of them.
    (2) Seriously, do you REALLY think that if the NSA wants to monitor your network traffic they would use an android app to do that? With the taps into the MAJOR pipelines that the NSA has?
    … Just MORE security company scare stories to try to trick uses into installing CRAP

  • Someguy

    seriously? Your worried about some people spying on you? does it even matter? does it affect you in any way? The policies they have aren’t exactly friendly to privacy, but how else do you think they are going to get real criminals? Also, they do not listen to all of your phone calls, but they record them. The only way anyone will hear them is if you are suspected of a serious crime or link to a serious criminal.

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