Samsung ChatON can now “handle” SMS in some parts of the world

Samsung ChatON

If Google can do it, so can Samsung. After the Hangouts app got the ability to manage SMS, Samsung is doing the same with its ChatON client.

The application, however, is still not available all around the world, with users in Germany and Brazil being among the first ones to be able try out the new feature. That will likely change soon and in the meantime, we can only imagine ChatON’s SMS (and MMS) integration.

In addition, Sammy’s app also got an “icon update” that will allow users to see the number of unread messages (on the icon) without actually opening ChatON.

I like how we’re moving towards a single messaging app. I think BlackBerry does this best and I’m hoping that some smart developer (or OEM) will get some cues from the BlackBerry Hub, and integrate all our messages into a single application. Yes, this should also require opening up the platform to third-party services that would be able to chip-in and add their services to the mix…

Samsung ChatON (FREE) [Google Play Store]

[Via: AndroidCentral]

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