Lost Your Android Device? Google’s Got An App For That

Last August, Google rolled out a web-based service akin to Apple’s Find My iPhone called Android Device Manager, which helps you find your lost Android device. Google has finally made an Android app for the service, which is great news for those who own multiple Android devices.

While the Android app is useless to those who own only one Android device, those who own an Android tablet as well as an Android smartphone will have an easy time locating that lost smartphone. In addition to locating your lost device, the app can remotely wipe your phone’s internal storage, ring the phone at the maximum volume and even lock the device’s screen.

The apps’ interface is easy to use and navigate, showing a map at the top with a device selection screen below. All devices that have been registered with your Google account show up, with a list of commands displayed below.

The Android Device Manager app is a great addition to Google’s find my phone feature set, which now spans both the web and Android devices. If you only have one Android device, the web version of the Droid finder can be found here. Grab the Android Device Manager from the Google Play Store and never lose you smartphone again!


  • Nexhmedin Ahmeti

    i don’t se why this app is usseles if you have only one android device , unless of course there’s no web support for this app. if there is a web support than you can track you’r device via any other phone or notebook.

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