Samsung’s Mobile Communications And Digital Imaging Units Merge For Better Cameras On Smartphones

In an attempt to ‘differentiate’ its smartphones from the competition, Samsung’s Mobile Communications and Digital Imaging branches will merge into one. While we’d call this a smart move, enhancing the camera experience on smartphones is one of the biggest priorities of many manufacturers.

We’ve already seen Samsung ship devices like the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which is rather bulky, so the merge between the two branches may result in better-looking devices that still provide a great camera experience for the user.

Camera’s have been a large focus on many smartphones this year, with many manufacturers attempting to differentiate themselves. Earlier this year, HTC brought it’s Ultrapixel camera to the table, Sony flexed it’s know-how with the Xperia Z1’s 21 megapixel camera, and the LG G2’s OIS shooter can do wonders. Outside of the Android space, Nokia’s latest Windows Phone handsets can take photos that rival just about anything on the market today, and we can see Samsung attempting to do the same with forthcoming devices.

The reorganization between the two Samsung branches began on December 11th, so it might take some time to see the fruits of the union. And given the rumored time frame that we may see the Samsung Galaxy S5, we might have to wait a little longer before we see said fruits on a flagship device. Maybe not.

[ET News via The Verge]


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