Windows Phone “Blue” to include support for on-screen buttons

Windows Phone Blue to include support for on-screen buttons

Good ol’ EVleaks blessed us with this information – the next update to the Windows Phone platform (Windows Phone “Blue”) won’t require capacitive buttons under the screen. The famous leak source also shared an image showing how the three buttons would look like on the screen.

Presuming this is true, current Android vendors will be able to use the same hardware for making Windows Phone smartphones. Add to that the recent rumor that Microsoft is considering offering its platform free of charge, and you get a better picture of the mobile world where guys & gals from Redmond actually do matter. Just imagine an army of Chinese OEMs being able to use Windows Phone like they use Android, without paying a single dime. Sounds like a plan, though it’s unclear how would Microsoft make money out of this deal. Selling Mobile Office perhaps? Any ideas?

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