Huawei unveils Chromecast-like device in China

Huawei unveils Chromecast-like device in China

Google’s success with Chromecast didn’t come unnoticed by others, Huawei included. So they’ve launched a similar, though a bit different device in its own backyard.

Called Mango Pie 2 TV Stick, it’s an Android-based dongle which is selling in China for 299 Yuan (about $49), integrating content from Hunan TV, Phoenix TV, CETV, SBS and others. It also has the technology to support local channels, as well as Hunan Satellite TV, Jiangsu TV, ZheJiang TV and CCTV.

As part of the deal, buyers get a fancy-lookin’ Bluetooth remote that is used for browsing through the channels and accessing different Internet-connected services.

What’s unclear though is how “open” the Mango Pie 2 TV Stick is and whether Huawei will allow users to sideload apps to it. Similarly we’re not sure whether users will get access to Google Play or will have to settle with a rather limited catalog of apps.

Finally, there’s no word whether Huawei will bring this or similar product to the West. The Chinese company has the scale and market presence to pull this out but that doesn’t mean it will enter this market on a global level…

[Via: GizChina]

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