Windows Phone 8.1 rumored to bring a Notification Center and personal assistant

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Ever since Windows Phone hit the market many folks have wondered when or if Microsoft would ever add a notification drawer and support for a personal assistant on its mobile operating system. So according to The Verge’s Tom Warren, Microsoft’s new firmware update will usher in a Notification Center and native personal assistant feature similar to what Google and Apple has on its devices.

Warren’s sources claim users will be able to get access to their notifications by swiping down from the top of the screen, just like Android and iOS. The personal assistant is supposed to bring more interaction and personalization than the current Bing Search, as it will learn more about you through your location and personal data (it sounds Google Now-like).

In addition to the two features mentioned, Windows Phone 8.1 might bring independent volume controls (ringtone and media would be separated), more Enterprise support with VPN, Facebook and Twitter support in the People Hub and Bing Smart Search results that bring Windows Phone closer to its desktop counterpart.

All of these upgrades are welcomed features as the Microsoft mobile OS continues to play catch up with Android and iOS. However, Windows Phone needs to keep the momentum going if it wants to ever become a major player in the mobile phone industry.

[Engadget; via The Verge]

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