Top Ten iPhone Apps of 2013 According to Apple

As 2013 comes to an end, companies around the globe are reflecting on the past year, compiling lists of memes, events, devices and apps created and sold during the last year. Apple has released its best of 2013 picks on the iTunes Store, with Apple staff picking the best in music, movies, TV shows, books, podcasts and most importantly, iOS apps. While Apple has made an exhaustive list, we will be taking a look at the top ten entries in Apple’s Top Grossing, Top Paid and Top Free iPhone apps lists.

Top 10 Free Apps of 2013


Coming in at number one on Apple’s list is everyone’s favorite puzzle game, Candy Crush Saga. The colorful game made much headway this year, becoming a success on both iOS and Android platforms. A report from July stated that the game was pulling in $633,000.00 daily from in-app purchases. That’s a whole lot of candy.

Four of the top ten free apps of 2013 were social networking apps, with Facebook, Vine, Instagram and Snapchat all making the list. Instagram has been on iOS for some time.Vine, who just popped up on the scene this year, instantly  caught Instagram’s attention. Instagram quickly added video posts to their photo-sharing service, resulting in the app becoming more popular than ever. Snapchat was the huge disruptor of 2013, gaining popularity due to the ephemeral nature of user-generated videos or pictures, known as snaps.

Streaming music giant Pandora grabbed ninth place, proving that even iTunes Radio, Rdio and Spotify don’t have the brand recognition that the company does. Not surprisingly, Google Maps ranked fifth, no doubt due to Apple’s huge Apple Maps debacle, which ended up with Apple telling its users to download a Google App instead of using their own.










Top Ten Paid Apps of 2013


Mostly games dominate the Top Paid list, with Minecraft Pocket Edition securing the top spot. Angry Birds Star Wars shows up at number four, right behind Disney’s Temple Run endless runner and Heads Up, a Warner Brothers offering. Plants vs. Zombies comes in at tenth place, proving that popular culture’s current fascination with the undead is sill going strong.

As for functional apps, the Sleep Cycle alarm clock app placed ninth, right after Free Music Download Pro which allows users to download music directly to their iPhone. With Apple requiring users to connect their iPhones to their computers to add and remove music, this app makes adding music to an iPhone quick and painless, and most importantly of all, without paying for the tracks.













Top 10 Highest Grossing Apps of 2013


Not surprisingly, Candy Crush Saga was the highest grossing iPhone app of 2013, giving the game a number one spot on two of Apple’s lists. A few other games made it to the top grossing list, with MARVEL War of Heroes card based game and The Simpsons: Tapped Out taking number four and number seven on the list. Kingdoms Of Camelot came in at number nine, followed by similarly themed The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth.

The only non-gaming related app that made it on the list was Pandora internet radio, securing a number three spot on the list. Interestingly enough, Pandora made it on the top free app list as well, meaning that Pandora has many users, some of which are willing to pay for the ad-free version of its internet radio service.













That about does it! There are plenty more apps on Apple’s lists, go check them out for yourself in the iTunes store. Don’t worry, you can’t miss them, Apple has made sure that the Best of 2013 lists are the first thing you see upon firing up the iTunes Store.

Do any of the results surprise you? Let us know in the comments.


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