Yahoo is working on its own Google Now, Siri competitor

Yahoo is reported to be working on something in the voice-controlled personal assistant department. The media giant is looking to create its very own Google Now and Siri competitor, according to Android Police. The site has gotten word from a source that these intentions are in fact real. The idea is for the company to offer an app that brings the same kind of predictive information you’d find on Google Now, and deliver a conversational element like Apple’s Siri.

Additionally, the site learned that Yahoo’s personal assistant will bring the ability to deliver travel time and traffic delays, seamlessly send and edit messages, and find you the right hangout spot without command.

Far as implementation is concerned, Yahoo is taking cues from Facebook’s Chat Heads feature (which runs in the background and appears over the home screen, but only when a contact tries to reach you). The design in which they chose in the photo above mimics the one seen on the Google Search app.

Whether this is truly going to happen or not, Yahoo has earned the right to be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to mobile. In the past year they’ve done nothing but release one impressive mobile applications after another; a list that includes Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Sports, Flickr, etc.

Releasing its own personal assistant makes perfect sense for its search business. However I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Yahoo is potentially setting itself up to launch a mobile phone, using a custom skin built on top of Android.

Think about it.

Source: Android Police

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