San Francisco DA wants Apple to turn Activation Lock on by default on all iPhones

When Apple first showed off iOS 7 in the summer, we were impressed with its user interface design and ramped up security. Of course, one of the major security additions was the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The second was a side feature that supposed to further aid the duties of Find My iPhone; the feature is called Activation Lock, and its designed to keep people from using your phone in the event that it’s stolen.

George Gascón, San Francisco district attorney, is requesting that Apple do customers a solid by enabling the Activation Lock feature by default, requiring users to opt-out of the service and not opting in. The San Francisco DA is seeking this need to protect citizens who are unaware of how to enable this feature. He cited a recent survey of 313 San Francisco iPhone owners which revealed that 79 percent of them had enabled Find My iPhone and Activation Lock.

Thing is, the survey makes his argument shaky at best. Gascón believes this high number of adoption on such a small-scale, represents the fact that everyone is interested in having Activation Lock enabled on their phone — thus, everyone should have it by default. Weird argument to make, right?

Regardless of the feeble argument made by SF’s DA, this is a miniscule issue that Apple could take care of in millisecond. Although the execution was poor, the general point was made: to avoid the runaround and have this enabled on all iPhones out the box.

Via 9to5Mac


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