Canonical announces Ubuntu and Android dual boot developer preview

Ubuntu and Android dual boot developer preview

Ubuntu for Android seems still far away but in the meantime Canonical is working on dual boot capability, allowing users to either boot into Ubuntu or Android.

The developer preview is now available and as such [developer preview] it may not have all the features of the final release. Still it’s worth trying out for those who can actually make this run on their Nexus devices.

Multiple Android flavors are supported, including AOSP or stock and CyanogenMod, and installation of Ubuntu can be done for all versions available in the phablet-flash channels.

Switching between the two operating system is easy as it should be. Key combinations and complicated command lines are out; users will fire-up dedicated apps in Android and Ubuntu to switch platforms, instead.

The Android app manages the initial installation of Ubuntu, upgrades and rebooting into Ubuntu; while on Ubuntu – the dual boot app provides an easy way to reboot into Android.

Pretty cool though I prefer waiting for the official release. 😉

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