This Simple Smartphone Breathalyzer Might Actually Be Drunk-Proof!

It’s New Years eve, one of the biggest party nights of the year! Unfortunately it’s also one of the biggest nights for drunk driving. As the DUI checkpoints start setting up and the celebratory champagne bottles are popping, an easy to use breathalyzer peripheral would be a great accessory. While it might be a little late for your 2013, the Lapka BAM is a great option!

We’ve seen other smartphone breathalyzers but none as simple as this one. The BAM connects to your device via bluetooth and a simple blow turns it on. The companion app reads out your BAC on your phone with helpful suggestions like “Pace Yourself”. The app and bluetooth breathalyzer are currently available for Android devices. iOS support is coming soon.

Its about as idiot-proof as it gets. Hopefully it’s drunk-proof too! The BAM is also sporting a great battery life, and the company claims you’ll only need to recharge it every 2-3 months!

So maybe at the turn of 2014 we’ll all be blowing through the Lapka BAM instead of noise makers, and the roads will be a little safer!

Happy New Years everyone!

For more information check out Lapka’s press release below:,


The Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor is an accessory for your phone that allows
you to track alcohol metabolism over time, compare your measurements
with friends and share them with the world.
The device fits in your palm. You hold it in a fist and the edge of your hand
becomes the mouthpiece. Just one blow connects the device to your phone
and starts the measurement process. The overall appearance of the app
reflects your reading. It adapts to your night. If you go wild, it will even check
in on you the next morning.
Whether you drink a lot or a little, the Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor lets
you be more aware of the changes your body experiences — and their
relationship to where you are and who you’re with. It’s bigger than
a conversation with your body.
The readings could motivate you to take more control or encourage you to
let go. With the Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor, the judgement call is always
yours. Ultimately only you can say how you feel, but the data and commentary
can help ground your feelings in a reality you can begin to play with.
The Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor turns medical testing into blowing a wish.
We’ll provide the eyelash. You provide the breath.
Fact Sheet
Breath Alcohol Monitor by Lapka™
Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor exchanges data wirelessly. No synchronization
is required to connect the device with your phone. Your breath activates the
app and measuring process. It calibrates automatically and professionally
via Lapka servers — using your device ID.
Lapka BAM utilizes the most sensible mouthpiece ever — your hand.
There’s never a need to replace the mouthpiece or worry about sanitation
(as long as your hands are fairly clean). Your lips never touch the device.
Designed to fit in your palm. When you make a fist around the device,
the edge of your hand allows for perfect air pressure and flow.
Lapka BAM is ceramic. This makes the device highly durable, pleasantly
heavy and beautiful.
Lapka BAM has a very long battery life. You’ll have to recharge it only once
every 2-3 months.
Fact Sheet
Breath Alcohol Monitor by Lapka™
00 1 (347) 320 9241
Lapka, Inc., All rights reserved. Press:
391 Sutter Street, Suite 303, San Francisco, CA 94108
1. Wireless
2. No mouthpiece
3. Ceramic body
4. Long battery life3/3
Dimensions and Weight
Length: 2.2 in (57 mm)
Diameter: 0.9 in (23 mm)
Weight: 1.2 oz (80 g)
Compatable with: Android™
Select devices, TBA.

iPhone™ 4s+
iPod™ touch 4+
iPad™ 2+

[Via: Lapka]

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