BlackBerry Axes Alicia Keys from Creative Director Position

A new year, and more bummer news for BlackBerry. The Waterloo company has decided to let go one of their most important staff members, Alicia Keys. That’s right, she hung around longer than good ol’ Thorsten did. Wow.

Alicia Keys was appointed to Creative Director of BlackBerry last year, and was the first of many celebrities added to smartphone manufacturer payrolls. There’s really no evidence that Alicia Keys did anything but add some star power to the company formally known as RIM, part of the company’s rebranding strategy that clearly fell flat on its face.

Since John Chen has taken the rains as CEO of BlackBerry, he’s been putting in many hours cleaning up Thorsten Hein’s mess. Chen still believes that BlackBerry can stay afloat by focusing on enterprise markets and its BBM app and service.

So, goodbye Ms. Keys. And don’t take it too personally. It’s not you, it’s BlackBerry.

via: CTV News

  • Jamie Young

    it’s about time. She was never any good for BlackBerry. After she took the job she was caught tweeting from her iPhone for gods sakes. Plus she has a limited audience. I know I don’t listen to any of her music and I listen to all sorts. She was never a good fit for BlackBerry.

  • John Grabb

    Blackberry didn’t AXE Ms. Keyes. The contract ended. Nice try fan boy

  • DarCam7

    I thought they parted ways the minute she stepped off that stage.

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