Switch From T-Mobile to AT&T and Get up to $450

Well, isn’t his an interesting turn of events? AT&T, once the king of mobile carriers is seriously freaked out by T-Mobile’s recent success and is bribing T-Mobile customers to switch to their service plans. If you cut the cord with T-Mobile and jump over to AT&T, you will receive a $200 credit, and you could receive an extra $250 when you trade in your old T-Mobile smartphone for a shiny new AT&T model. That’s a total value of $450, although I wouldn’t expect to see quite that much if I were switching.

If you don’t want to purchase a new handset, AT&T will let you bring your own device and still receive the $200 switcher’s bill credit.

This move comes as a surprise, and is pretty hilarious considering that this strategy has been rumored to be used by T-Mobile as part of John Legere’s next UnCarrier move, which will be announced at CES next week. It’s rumored that T-Mobile’s UnCarrier move would be to offer money to those who switch from competing carriers to T-Mobile. Apparently, AT&T’s imperial spies penetrated T-Mobile’s rebel stronghold and have stolen their secrets.

Interesting move, AT&T. Now it’s T-Mobile’s turn to retaliate, which will happen on January 8th at CES next week.


  • anonymousturkey

    The result… Att customers will go over to tmobile, then switch back for the credit within there 14 days. People are smart, and att can’t verify account ownership time. They will basically just lose a ton of cash on tmobile… Again…

  • Richard Yarrell

    TRUST ME……NOBODY on T-MOBILE will be SWITCHING to AT&T anytime soon. T-MOBILE does better updates to handsets so easily it’s comical. Not to mention the fact that T-MOBILE has UNLIMITED DATA and better overall data plans generally.


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