Beats Music Launches Streaming Music Service on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

The Dr.Dre backed Beats has launched a new streaming music service, known as Beats Music. Beats Music lands on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices alongside a number of other streaming music services such as Spotify, Rdio, Slacker, iTunes Radio and Google Play Music All Access. Late to the music streaming game, Beats is hoping they have what it takes to become the most popular paid music streaming service out there.

Beats has over 20 million songs so far in their repertoire, offering a monthly subscription for $9.99 a month for a single user and a $15 a month plan for up to five people to use across ten devices. AT&T family plan customers could receive up to three months free if they qualify. For the rest of us. Beats is offering a free seven day trial.

Where Beats will try to differentiate itself from the other kids on the block is by providing a customized music listening experience that goes beyond simply matching a song, playlist or genre. Beats boats music curators as well as advanced software which will provide pre-fashioned playlists to fit every user’s tastes. Beats is counting on a subscriber model, which is risky at this pint in the game. While other music streaming services require paid plans to obtain full access to their range of services, they also boast free listening options which are supported by ads. Beats says screw the ads, and it could just pay off.

Whether or not Beats will take over the music streaming market remains to be seen. It will take the company some time to become a substantial competitor against Spotify and Google Play Music. If Beats can provide a superior experience to its customers, it will have a hit on its hands. If not, it will definitely fall prey to its competitors.

If you’d like to give Beats Music a spin, hit the links to download the app for iOS and Android devices. Windows Phone owners will be able to get their hands on the app on January 24th.

via: Beats

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