Nexus 8 coming this year?

Nexus 8 coming this year?

After focusing on 7- and 10-inch tablets, Google is now turning its attention to 8-inch slates. According to DigiTimes’ sources from the upstream supply chain, the search giant may launch the Nexus 8 in mid-2014 and, guess what, that device may end-up using Intel-made chip.

The report goes on to suggest that ASUS will likely make the 8-inch Nexus though other companies are also looking for some Google-paid work.

Because Asustek has already established a close relationship with Google and has advantages in product design and component purchasing, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Lenovo are unlikely to be able to take the orders away easily.

It is said that additional Nexus 8 details will be revealed after February. In the meantime, we’re eager to know – what do you think about an 8-inch Nexus tablet and is that something you would want to buy?

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