Facebook ads coming to an app near you

Facebook is the latest giant enter the mobile ad space. Sure it was selling ads in its mobile app, but this time round they intend to do so in other apps as well, relying on the big pile of information it has collected in the last few years. This customer data, in return, should be used to serve ads about offers users actually care about.

As part of the first pilot program currently underway, Facebook has teamed-up with a small number of advertisers and app makers to show what its technology can do.

Previously, it has relied on third-party ad networks to reach users outside its sphere of influence, and the idea now is to kick out the middle man, and make more money in return. It works for Google, so it gotta work for Facebook, right?

Anyway, the social network failed to mentioned which brands are currently testing its ad technology and which app makers agreed to participate in the trial, though we hope to get those details soon. Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if you see a Facebook ad in Angry Birds or some other popular game…

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