Chromecast SDK Now Open to All Developers

Thanks to Google, Chromecast apps can now be developed by any developer, opening up the streaming dongle to a whole new era of apps and functionality. Google opened up the Chromecast SDK Wednesday, giving developers the possibility to stream apps or websites to the Chromecast.

Up until now, the Chromecast has only received a few apps, as Google has been keeping a close eye on Chromecast development. Google has allowed a few developers to create apps that utilize the Chromecast’s capabilities. Companies like Pandora, HBO and Netflix have Chromecast functionality, paving the way for the next wave of Chromecast apps. All developers will have to do is integrate the Cast SDK into their existing app and send it off to Google for approval. Once the app is approved, the app can be updated through the Google Play Store.

Even though Chromecast has only received a handful of apps thus far, the device has enjoyed much success. The dongle plugs into a TV via a HDMI port, and mirrors some activity of the connected mobile device. Now that the SDK is open to all, we will see apps of every stripe and color become compatible with Chromecast.

What app would you like to see gain Chromecast functionality? Let us know in the comments.

via: CNET

  • BThaDynasty

    chrome cast needs a model upgrade to allow hdmi out so you dont have to flip the source to another hdmi port just to get streaming capabilities

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