HTC to focus on lower-end devices this year

HTC to focus on lower-end devices this year

HTC has seen better days. From a leading Android smartphone maker, it is now commanding just 2 percent market share. Meanwhile, the company’s stock price dropped 80%, and its profits 83% in the second quarter of 2013 from the previous year.

So what can they do to get their finances back to order? Focus on mid-range devices and world’s emerging markets?

Speaking to Reuters, HTC co-founder and chairperson Cher Wang said the vendor’s problem last year was “concentrating on [its] flagship.” Wang went on to add they’ve missed the big opportunity in China to offer a more affordable device costing around or less than $150.

This year, however, we should see many new affordable HTC phones launching all around the world. In the U.S. and Europe, HTC will focus its efforts on the M8 and its Mini/Maxi variants, whereas users in other parts of the world will get any number of low-cost HTC devices (in addition to the flagship offering). The company said it doesn’t want to compete in the “very, very low-end market,” leaving it to the China- and India-based vendors. We’ll see how that strategy works…

[Via: TheVerge]

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