Happy Poo Flap is the Best Flappy Bird Clone Around

Flappy Bird is dead and gone, officially at least. The crazy popular iOS and Android game is now kaput, with the game’s developer Dong Nguyen pulling the game out of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store citing the game’s addictive quality as reasoning for the premature pullout. While Flappy Bird may be gone, there is no lack of Flappy Bird clones, and I just found the best one, EVER.

(By the way, there is a way to download and install Flappy Birds on your Android device. Check out our guide!)

Well ok, I haven’t scoured all of them, and there are a ton. But I did find one that stars a cute little poo and has a hilarious name: Happy Poo Flap. I know, let that Beavis and Butthead laugh fill your empty soul.

Anywho, Happy Poo Flap plays just like Flappy Bird, with a cute poo starring in the role of the bird. The poo flies around on some sort of winged platform, and you can even pimp out your poo with an eyepatch, monocle or even a handlebar mustache! Pretty sweet.

If you’re looking for a fun replacement for Flappy Bird, check out Happy Poo Flap for Android. It’s free and tons of fun!


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