HTC commits to support all new “North American Flagship Devices” with Android updates for 2 years


HTC held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session at Reddit where users were invited to post their questions to the Taiwanese company. When prompted about device updates, the company’s representative said that they’ll keep supporting all new “North American Flagship Devices” with Android updates for 2 years.

Given the immense resource requirements for updates we can’t solve all our past issues, but today we are making a commitment to support all new North America flagship devices going forward with all major Android updates for 2 years after their release date.

While that’s nice we’re still confused what these “updates” mean. A maintenance release is also an update but it doesn’t necessarily bumps up the Android version. So it’s not like HTC has committed to keep up with Google’s Android release schedule – it’s just that “some” update will be released every now and then during the period of two years.

Add the HTC One / One+ story to the mix and you get an even more confusing picture. The One+ in particular was released less than two years ago, but as we stand – it won’t get Android updates beyond version 4.2. Of course, NVIDIA is partly to blame, but HTC is the one that sold us the device in the first place and it should’ve known better. Or so we think; what do you say?

[Via: AndroidPolice]

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