Video: Google’s 3D Mapping Smartphone Project Tango in Action

Just yesterday, Google gave us all a glimpse into the next big thing, Project Tango. Project Tango is a prototype Android smartphone, riddled with sensors and 3D cameras enabling the device to map its surroundings in-depth, creating a 3D model on the fly. Google is set to release around 200 Project Tango development kits in the coming months, and has already sent out a few. A new video gives us a glimpse into just what exactly Project Tango sees when it is put to the test.

It’s pretty exciting tech, and will change the way we all interact with our environments. The project could also open up a whole new wave of automated home devices which could use the 3D maps to navigate and perform simple tasks.

Check out the video below for a look at Project Tango.

via: Droid Life , TechCrunch

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