Intel unveils two 64-bit mobile chips: dual-core Merrifield and quad-core Moorefield

Intel unveils two 64-bit mobile chips

Intel can’t miss the mobile revolution; it just gotta stay in this market if it wants to grow in the future. Despite struggling to compete with the likes of Qualcomm and MediaTek (let alone handset makers which make their own processors), Intel is pushing forward.

At Mobile World Congress, they’ve unveiled two new 64-bit chips for mobile devices – dual-core Merrifield and quad-core Moorefield. The first of the two is said to be capable of powering a high-end Android device though it’s perhaps more mainstream; it should be out in the first half of the year. As for the Moorefield, it will be available in the second half of the year, targeting the very top-end of the market. Both chips promise energy efficiencies and long battery life, as well as “stellar graphics.”

While all that sounds nice, it remains to be seen whether these two will actually help Intel grow its market share. Qualcomm, which is the biggest force in this market, is getting ready for another record-breaking year. And so do MediaTek and NVidia…

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