YotaPhone 2 officially official: 5-inch main screen, 4.7-inch e-ink one, Snapdragon 800, out in Q4

YotaPhone 2 officially official

The new YotaPhone is here, and again — like that was the case with the original YotaPhone — we won’t be able to try one until much later in the year. The concept remains the same – there’s a regular display on one end, and e-ink one on the other.

The new YotaPhone (we’ll call it YotaPhone 2) is bigger than its predecessor, sporting a 5-inch AMOLED “regular” display and 4.7-inch e-ink screen on the back. The new thing is that this time round the e-ink screen is touch-enabled, allowing users to respond to text messages, answer or reject phone calls, accept meeting invites, or post stuff to social networks. In addition, the unit now gets its power from a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip.

The Russian company was scarce on details but we’ll make sure to catch all we can in the upcoming days. We do know that YotaPhone 2 will first be available in Russia and EMEA markets in the fourth quarter, after which it may be released in other countries. Yota also said that owners of the original YotaPhone will be able to purchase the new device at a substantial discount, though we still wait for all details.

We’ll try to get a review unit when the time comes. Stay tuned in the meantime…

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