iPhone 6C Concept Video Proves Plastic can be Beautiful Too

Apple tried something new in 2013, it released two models of the iPhone, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5C was designed to be a more affordable version of the iPhone, encouraging first-time smartphone owners to jump on the Apple bandwagon. The iPhone 5C hasn’t done very well sales wise, but that hasn’t stopped a pretty amazing concept design from being produced, showcasing the iPhone 6C. Chances of us seeing two iPhone models from Apple again is slim to none, but we can still salivate over the concept, right? You betcha.

The sleek design was created by Joseph Farahi, and takes the plastic-covered iPhone to places it’s never been before. The concept design envisions a 4.7 inch screen wielding plastic encased iPhone, half as thin as the iPhone 5C. The concept comes in a variety of colors, such as the iPhone 5C line did.

Although we probably won’t be seeing this concept come to fruition, or an iPhone 6C at all for that matter, it certainly is a beautiful design, and gives us hope that maybe, some day, Apple will take the design of the new iPhone in this direction.

Check out the concept in the video below.

via: BGR

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