Apple Cuts iPhone Return Window From 30 Days to 14 Days

Apple looking to increase gold iPhone 5s production

Apple will be modifying its return policy concerning new iPhones, dropping the return window from 30 days after purchase of the device to 14 days. The change is set to go into effect on March 13th, although Apple’s website already reflects the changes. The changes were spotted by 9to5Mac, who came across an internal document from an unnamed Apple retail source.

This puts Apple on par with U.S. carriers, who also offer an iPhone return window of 14 days.

In reality, Apple’s 30 day return policy was more of a gimmick than anything. Say you purchased an iPhone through a carrier, which offers 14 days to return your device, but Apple says you have 30. Try to return the device after the 14 day period and you will be slammed with an early termination fee, or ETF plus any other penalties that your carrier would normally charge. If you were just looking to swap the iPhone for a different color, then the whole 30 day thing would work for you. Try to return the iPhone outright however, and welcome to ETF hell.

The change is probably a good move on Apple’s part, as it brings the company one step closer to being on par with wireless carriers. That will save iPhone customers a lot of headache, and help them avoid the carrier’s ETF and other fees.

I know I’d be pissed if I got caught up in this conundrum, and I’m sure many customers have been unpleasantly surprised when returning their phones after the 14 day period but within Apple’s 30 day window.

via: 9to5Mac

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