The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game hitting Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 8 devices in April

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game

Gameloft announced that it will be launching the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game in April, a month before the movie hits the theaters. Users of Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices will all be able to join the web-slinging action taking place in the streets of Manhattan.

Compared to the original Amazing Spider-Man, the sequel brings better graphics and more levels. The official pitch goes like this:

Web-sling through a free-roam Manhattan in the ultimate playground, as Spider-Man rushes to save New York City from the chaos of a disastrous crime wave. Combined with an original story inspired by the film, the stage is set for Spidey’s greatest battle against film villains Electro and Green Goblin, as well as other iconic foes!

Like that’s usually the case with major games like this, it won’t be available as a free download. Rather, you’ll be asked to pay the full amount upfront. As a Spiderman fan, I think it will be worth every penny… Check out the short teaser below if you’re still not convinced…

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