Meizu to allow other devices to run its Flyme OS?

Meizu to allow other devices to run its Flyme OS?

Meizu is thinking to take the “Xiaomi route” and allow other phones to run its own version of Android. Called Flyme OS, Meizu’s platform builds on top of the Android core adding quite a few enhancements and tweaks along the way, all of which helped made Meizu phones popular in the first place.

This, of course, is still in the early phase and as far as we (don’t) know, it may never happen. Chances are Meizu will take this route as it worked so great for Xiaomi. Their MIUI interface helped the Chinese firm gain media attention outside of China and now many users all around the world want a Xiaomi phone.

On the other hand, Meizu has another trick under its sleeve as it plans to join the Ubuntu ride. By partnering with Canonical, it stands a chance to get geeks’ attention both on the East and West. In that sense we’re not sure they “have to” open-up the Flyme OS though few extra PR points couldn’t hurt, that’s for sure. We’ll see where this goes…

[Via: GizChina]

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