Pebble has moved more than 400,000 watches within a year!

Pebble has moved more than 400,000 watches within a year!

Pebble was the device that literally kickstarted the smart watch industry. So we were not surprised to learn that ever since the first Pebble was launched, they managed to move more than 400,000 units. Best of all, this figure doesn’t include the fancy new Pebble Steel or includes just a few units.

According to AndroidCentral, this means that Pebble’s sales are totaling around $60 million which is an impressive figure for any start-up, let alone the one that’s been around for just one year.

Pebble employs 70 people now and has recently launched its very own app store, with major apps such as eBay and Evernote.

Meanwhile, the rest of the industry is eyeing this market as well, and will definitely pose a threat at some point. Samsung is pursuing its own Tizen platform, Qualcomm has its Toq prototype (and platform?), while Google has recently launched Android Wear with the likes of Motorola, LG and Fossil all committing to launch smart watches based on the new platform. And let’s not forget any number of smaller companies that regularly keep popping up on crowd-funding sites.

Pebble doesn’t seem upset at the moment but we’ve no doubts its sales will be impacted later in the year. We’ll let you know how that goes…

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