MediaFire offers 1TB of storage for $2.50 a month! New Android and iPad apps coming soon

MediaFire offers 1TB of storage for $2.50 a month

In case you haven’t noticed, the cloud storage wars are looming. Google was the first to start the fire, launching a hard-to-resist 1TB of space for just $9.99 a month. Now MediaFire is responding, big time. They’ll give you the same amount of storage (1TB) for just $5 a month. Even better, for the limited time they’re offering the same deal for half the price – that’s $2.50 a month, or $24.99 a year. You can backup pretty much everything on that terabyte and get all your files whenever needed.

MediaFire operates and owns all of its servers and network infrastructure, which allows them to undercut competitors. Many other companies rely on AWS, which is both cost prohibitive, and introduces potential security and privacy vulnerabilities.

MediaFire has also added the ability to individual files up to 20GB in size, and they are also working on Android and iPad apps.

The company has 37 million registered users and growing, and over 150 million people download files from MediaFire every month.

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