Google unveils Project Ara Module Developers Kit

Project Ara Module Developers Kit

Next week, Google will hold its very first Project Ara Developers’ Conference. The search giant wants to have a well-prepared audience and is thus launch the first Module Developers Kit days before the event kicks-off, to allow hardware makers to better prepare as they strive to produce components for this amazing project.

Google will be the sole producer of Ara skeletons — which you can imagine as motherboards — while the rest of the industry could chip-in and offer camera modules, processors, RAM components, flash storage, sensors, keyboards and so on.

From the MDK documents we see that Google will offer the skeleton in three different sizes — mini, medium and large — with larger ones being able to accommodate more different modules, and perhaps even better hardware.

This, obviously, is just the initial MDK with updated versions set to be released by the end of the year. The first Project Ara device will be out in early 2015 along with a dedicated marketplace for third-party modules. Sounds pretty cool to me; can’t wait to grab myself one of these. 😉

Project Ara Module Developers Kit

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