Google Glass Is Now On Sale to Everyone

Get ready folks, Google Glass is about to make an appearance on normal people everywhere. That’s right, Google Glass is now on sale to anyone who has $1500 to burn. There hasn’t been any official announcement or anything from Google, but anyone can now head over to the Glass purchase page and purchase Glass, even without being a part of the Explorer program. Google did put Glass on sale to the general public for one day recently, but this move was definitely unexpected. According to Engadget, a few Redditiors notice that they could head straight to the Glass order page and put Glass in their carts. Engadget tried multiple¬†Google accounts not tied to the Explorer program, and was able to add Glass to their shopping carts every time. I also headed over to the Glass purchase page and was able to add Glass to my shopping cart.

If you’ve got an extra $1500 and a Google account, you too can be the proud owner of you very own Google Glass! Just be sure not to wear them in public. I beg of you.

via: Engadget

  • YouCantBeSerious

    Anyone have change for a million? (Just wondering)

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