Rumor: HTC’s Plastic HTC One M8 Ace Will Have Samsung Galaxy S5’s Specs

A leaked photo from earlier this month alerted us to the possibility of an affordable, plastic housed HTC One M8-ish handset, the HTC One M8 Ace hitting the market soon, supposedly as an affordable answer to the aluminum bodied HTC One M8. @evleaks’ leaked photo didn’t reveal anything about the specs packed into the device, and we all assumed it would be a stripped down version of the HTC One M8. According to a new leak from Engadget, the HTC One M8 Ace is indeed coming, but not in the mid-range smartphone space as we assumed. The new leak suggests that the M8 Ace will actually be a powerhouse, sporting specs on par with those of Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

According to Engadget, the HTC One M8 Ace will sport a plastic unibody design with a 5 inch 1080p display and a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801. Details about the camera and other device specs are still unknown. The M8 Ace could come in with a price point of around $480 outright, which puts it well below the $650 or higher an unsubsidized GS5 or HTC One M8 will run you.

This could be a game changer for HTC who is still struggling to stay afloat in the smartphone market. Good luck, HTC. Going head to head with Samsung won’t be easy.

via: Engadget

  • cool stuff, bit too many devices to focus on at once? hope not!

  • @derywine

    I am not sure how this will go down but HTC should do a better job keeping its mouth shut about some projects. Just imagine what impact this would have in HTC’S favour if this came as a complete surprise to Samsung. Htc should have let this out within only a few weeks to launch otherwise with samsung prepared, you never know how they would respond. But all in all,one shoud say that atleast this time, Htc is getting it right. I pray they make it

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